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Our 100% fibre-optic network gives you the power to stay connected with zero interruptions. Enjoy the Internet as it should be.

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Our FOS internet network runs entirely on Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTP) optics cable.
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Serious SPEED

With FoS speeds up to 200 MB/s, it’s no wonder why we’ve got Nigeria’s fastest internet connection

Strong signals, even stronger service

Our FoS Internet resists electromagnetic interference. That means our network literally goes through walls to keep you satisfied. If it isn’t, we’ve got 24-hour assistance via our self-service portal

Keep everyone connected

Our bandwidth exceeds that of many internet companies in Nigeria. As a result, we offer a faster connection that’s strong enough to hold all your devices. Pretty cool, huh?

What can you do with ipNX FOS Internet? More than you imagine.

Fun for the Whole Family.

With ipNX FoS Internet, everybody’s devices STAY on the network. Due to our great bandwidth, we can handle online gaming and movie nights – AT THE SAME TIME

4K video compatible

As SMART TV’s and 4K content become common in Nigeria, few internet providers give the speeds needed to enjoy either one fully. That’s not a problem for us though.

WFH made Easy

No more cutting in and out meetings. No more apologizing about bad internet quality. With FoS, your home becomes your office.

Ready Player One.

Make the most out of your PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription! Game with the rest of the world and be competitive! Our speeds help us reduce in-game lag for our customers

FOS Residential Internet bundle pricing

Tailored to suit your internet needs. Kindly speak with a customer service rep to find the best match according for your data use habits.

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Want More Speed?

Cruise on the internet’s Fastlane today. Our Xtreme packages offer speeds up to 200 MBps. Now that’s serious speed.